Best Bulls Of Pakistan

          Best Bulls Of Pakistan     

   The best Bulls of Pakistan are a breed that has been around for many years. The Bulls are known for their explosive power and speed therefore they are known for their ability to run through defenders. Bulls are pack animals that live in small, farmer-controlled areas.

Almost all Best Bulls Of Pakistan are present in the largest province of Pakistan which is Punjab, therefore, we have the detail of Best Bulls Of Pakistan which are in Punjab as follows.

         Best Bulls Of Punjab

The best herds of all Punjab are the following.

1. King Of Moggla:

            King Of Moggla is the most popular bull of Punjab. Moggla village is present in the new district of Punjab which is Talagang. When this clave won tournaments then people called this ox with a name which is king.

Best Bull Of Punjab KIng Of Moggla

                        King Of Moggla

The properiters of King Of Moggla do not want to sell this clave because they understand that this Ox is the owner of them because this ox won a lot of tournaments or matches in Punjab. King Of Moggla is a healthier herd of Talagang because of its feed.

Feed Of King

Pakistan’s first bull, called “King,” was born in Lahore on July 5, 2006. The animal is considered one of the best bulls in the country and is said to have a very good temperament. King has been displayed at various exhibitions and made the star bull at the Pakistan Bull Festival in August 2022.
Pakistan’s top Bulls of Punjab are some of the best in Asia. They were bred and raised by experienced farmers and hunters in the province and are known for their powerful constitution, hunting ability, and production of high-quality meat.


2. Haider Ka Malang:

        The Haider Ka Malang is one from all of the Best Bulls Of Pakistan which are in the present Punjab. Haider Ka Malang is from one of that oxes which have won many tournaments in all of Pakistan.

This Herd is present in a village of Punjab which is known as  Bharpur because this village is present in the new district of Punjab and its name is Talagang and Bharpur is located with Talagang.Best Bull Of Pakistan Haider Ka Malang

                 Haider Ka Malang

This herd is too much costly because of its feed and its power. It is also known as the Best Bulls Of Pakistan as Its feed is much more costly than its own. The feed of this bull is crushed dry fruits, olive oil, peanut oil, butter oil, goat milk and almond oil etc therefore these are some popular feeds of Haider Ka Malang.

Feed of Haider Ka Malang

If you want to buy Best Feed for Best Bulls Of Pakistan then visit our website. Punjab is most popular because of its agriculture. The state is home to some of the best bulls in the country. Here are four of the best:

1. Gajraj-Gajraj is one of the most popular bulls in Punjab. He has been bred with Indian and European lines, giving him a unique blend of traits therefore he is a powerful bull. He has an impressive weight record and has won many prestigious competitions.

2. Bhaiyyaji-Bhaiyyaji is another top performer from Punjab. He won numerous championships across India and has even competed in international shows abroad.


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